The Future
of Live Events

As we put the pandemic behind us, the world of live events will be forever changed. At Media Loft, we see this as a momentous opportunity. With ballrooms, exhibit halls, arenas and stadiums opening back up, a virtual element will most certainly continue to be a part of the attendees’ experience. From second screen enhancements to live Q&A between in-person and virtual audiences, to two-way livestream, hybrid events are here to stay—at least for the foreseeable future. Although the future may look a little different, your objectives remain the same. And therefore, so does our approach. After all, the essence of any event, regardless of its form, is about connecting people. And that’s what we do best.

See how we’ve been bringing virtual events to life


For nearly 50 years, Media Loft has been at the forefront of the live events landscape – helping next-level brands create next-gen events through the use of expertly crafted strategy, creative excellence, and leading-edge technologies.

Simply put, we help clients create elevated experiences. Live, virtual or hybrid, it all distills down to connecting people to stories, content, ideas, and most importantly, each other.

Here are solutions Media Loft offers to enhance your virtual experience:
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Virtual events have their own set of requirements and success strategies. In the virtual setting, you control nearly every aspect of the attendee experience. Intensifying an attendee’s connection with content is key. Here are some helpful insights to keep top of mind:

Refine Your Focus
More than a just a theme or a rally cry, refining your purpose and focus ensures your attendees get the most out of their experience.
Curation is king Vector Smart Object2
Build lasting relationships with your presenters and ensure their success by helping them curate session content.
are promoters
Provide promoters and their followers with the tools they’ll need to boost your event signal.
Create an environment Vector Smart Object4
Create a “main stage” environment with a design that communicates “this is more than a webcam.”
Change-up the Visuals
Intentional visual strategy is more important than ever and ensures your attendees remain engaged.
Engage influencers
Define opportunities to use social media or to ask informed questions during live chat and Q&A.
Provide attendee support
Provide robust real-time technical assistance & send push notifications reminding attendees to log-on or submit a question.
Presentation Duration
Ensure lower drop rates by shortening your presentations. 45-60 minutes for live segments and 20-30 minutes for pre-recorded content is ideal.


When making the pivot from fully in-person to hybrid or even fully virtual, there are five primary components we work with you and your team to determine.

  • 01 Event Mapping

    When adapting to virtual, the attendee journey remains top priority. Key components such as event theme, platform, mainstage and breakout content, networking and engagement, serve as the architecture for mapping your entire event. Event structure, duration and delivery are carefully adjusted to optimize audience engagement.

  • 02 Virtual Platform

    Your virtual event platform is the digital wrapper equivalent of a live event space. It must be available for the dates of your event and have the capacity to handle your audience size and program elements. Platform vendors must be able to support the API integrations for registration systems or third-party applications that make your event easy to manage.

  • 03 Virtual Production

    Virtual events open up a much broader range of considerations and options when it comes to production. Virtual or hybrid? Live or prerecorded? Physical set or green screen? Your mapped event defines parameters and desired outcomes to help determine the best ways to deliver your messaging.

  • 04 Digital Content

    It’s said that content is king. This rings even truer in virtual events. Creating dynamic visuals and breaking content into smaller bites goes a long way towards keeping viewers engaged. Motion and audio become key ingredients in the aim to curate engaging content.

  • 05 Audience Engagement

    Virtual meeting fatigue is real. And the last thing your audience wants is a program that feels like a day-long Zoom call. We can still create a sense of community by giving your audiences a chance to connect and engage - with presenters, with the content, and with each other through group chats, Q&A sessions, or immersive meet-ups.


We are equipped and ready to help you navigate the decisions you will need to make to execute successful virtual experiences.

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