Send Thanks. Send Love. Send Support. Send Hope


In times like this, it’s easy to feel helpless. With so many fighting on the front lines, fighting for their lives, or enduring the mental health fallout of it all, it’s in our nature to extend our empathy. But how can we help when we can hardly leave our homes?

The answer: Send Hope. When one of our Media Loft family members lost a loved one during this trying time, we knew we had to surround this person with as much hope as possible. So, we designed an easy way for all of us to send them our support: a heart. Each Loftie (yes, that’s what we’re called) received a heart, printed it out, crafted a note, and sent it to our brother in need. The next day, he found his mailbox bursting with hearts—notes of love and support. This not only touched him deeply, it sent a ripple of hope throughout his entire community. In turn, it ignited a desire for us to keep sending hope into the world.

We all know someone who could use some hope right now. Send them a heart. Surround them with hope. Because hope is far more contagious than any illness.

Let’s get started

  1. Download a heart.
  2. Print & cut.
  3. Write your message. (Decorate it. Get the family involved.)
  4. Address, stamp & mail.
  5. Get as many friends, family, co-workers to do the same.
  6. Sleep better, knowing you touched someone’s life.

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