Who You Gonna Call?


‘Tis a shame that casting for the all-female re-make of “Ghostbusters” is already complete because a strong case could be made for including Media Loft’s very own Kim White. As account director, Kim was recently in charge of a meeting held at the famous Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego. The resort hotel has many claims to fame. Not only did Thomas Edison personally supervise the installation of electric lighting in the hotel, but L. Frank Baum wrote a major portion of the “Wizard of Oz” there. The eeriest claim to fame is the belief that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan. Kate was a down-on-her-luck con woman who checked into the hotel in November of 1892 and was found a few days later on the seaside staircase, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Ever since her death, guests have reported hearing murmuring and phantom noises, and seeing flickering lights, billowing curtains, even the shadowy silhouette of Kate herself.

More worrisome to an events company like Media Loft is that the ghost of Kate Morgan also has a reputation for sabotaging stage productions.

Enter Kim White. Kim was so determined to ensure a flawless production for her client that she did everything in her power to appease the ghost. In the above illustration (provided by a talented crew member, Pepe Lezama) we see Kim making a friendly visit to Kate’s room to persuade her from pulling any pranks on us.

Kate must have appreciated our gesture. The meeting proceeded without a hitch.

Media Loft

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